The Key To Greatness

What is it to be great? Is it defined by a personality, an action or an attitude towards life? The truth is and as the common saying goes; there is greatness within all of us, but not all of us know how to harness it.


You see life may deal you a set of cards that are contrary to your expectations or worse, not those that you ever expected to receive.  You have the choice to be able to pick up those cards and play them no matter how deprived or tragic they may be.  You can never control most of what comes at you in life, but what you can control is how you respond and come back as a result of it.


I’ve been dealt my share of such cards, but the thing is; the person you see and listen to right now is a person that I did not know could exist back then.  Surround yourself with possibility, opportunity, and most of all; positivity.  Nearly everything is within your reach if you dedicate yourself to relentlessly work for it.  Greatness is both within you, and outside of you; if you allow it to be.  Whatever situation you may find yourself in right now, there may be individuals around you telling you and influencing you to go for what you truly dream of in life; thus, reaching greatness. You see, sometimes in life you need to believe what someone says about you before you believe what you say about yourself.


In its purest form, greatness comes when you don’t care about the rest, when you don’t care about fitting in, when you don’t care if you will fail at whatever it is that you are doing; because you simply believe that this is what you want and that it will work out.  Greatness comes from all angles and all perspectives; it truly surrounds us all however unfortunately some do not know how to make the most of it.  We are all blessed with having a mind, two hands, two feet and a heartbeat; but it is also up to us to make the most out of all these things.


We are flawed because we all want so much more than we already have, without even benefitting from and using what we were already given.  So, what is it then to define greatness?  Greatness cannot be defined nor explained by external observers, since only you as a person can know what it is through how you see as well as what you do with your life.  The thing is, every person with whom you bump into each day has a story of his or her own; so, you cannot be in a position to talk about them, their behaviour nor even the actions that they take.  Some even don’t take any action to pursue true happiness in life, but again; that is their choice and you cannot judge a book by its cover.


Reaching out for greatness is the possibility for inner peace, a better life; for you and for others.  It results in the opportunity to admire the unseen beauty of the tiniest of gestures, the shortest of words and the smallest of actions that may make all the difference in your life.  Some people believe that big things need to be done to live the ultimate life, but as they often say; the beauty is in the detail.


Regardless of what happens, each day you should be saying thank you while surrounding yourself with the positivity that is rightly yours to digest.