The Art Of Storytelling

Everything that we do is based on something that we previously heard, read and/or seen.  The fact is, life is a story, and yours should be one to be told and repeated by others seeking inspiration and motivation resulting from what you have done and how you live.

Today I would like to talk to you about how you can master the art of storytelling, or in another sense, what to look for in a storyteller should you be the one seeking motivation and guidance for personal or professional improvement.  There are three things that you should be looking for when telling, reading and/or listening to a story.  The first is to relate and be relatable to.

It is without a doubt that at least one of your actions, whether psychologically or subconsciously; comes from something that you have seen, heard or read.  It is for this reason that a good story is one to which you can relate.  The person telling you his or her story may have gone through something similar to you, whether it is a minor issue or an unfortunate tragedy, thus allowing you to seek refuge in what he or she is telling.  As a storyteller, being able to relate to your audience is a very important skill because in essence; that is how you will capture and maintain their attention.  Should you be a motivational or public speaker, this also results in more business coming your way as a result of you being a genuine individual.

Secondly, the story needs to be truthful.  Nowadays and especially in business; with the rise in life coaches and motivational speakers, each one has a story to tell.  The question is though, is it a true story or did he or she alter it to make it sound more appealing or dramatic so that they continue to capture your attention? Without a doubt, the best stories are those that tell only the truth, and the whole truth.  Although applicable to some of the fortunate few, some have risen to fortune and fame with literally nothing, but you also hear the all too common story of how ‘I started with five dollars and a backpack’.  Of course, you shouldn’t be negative, hateful nor criticise people, but are they really telling the truth? If they are hiding or covering up another story; what they fail to realise is that the actual process of going from a struggle to a successful life is the best part of the entire story, no matter how (legally) they got there.  This is what makes you and allows you to grow and learn how to become the person that you always dreamed of becoming.

Thirdly, is the story something of value? It’s great to see that many people who were once jobless have become famous doing either what they love or what they think would be interesting for others.  Taking the example of video sharing social media platforms, where you find many bloggers or ‘vloggers’ posting content on a daily basis showing extracts of their lives and what happens in them.  For some this may be a form of entertainment while for others; perhaps they would like to take something away from it.  That is why you always need to ask yourself with everything to which you dedicate your attention; what am I taking away from this?  Everything that you focus on determines the type of person that you will become, as well as the type of knowledge or expertise that you will gain.

Time is a limiting factor, and that is unchangeable; so, you should always try to make it so that every story that you choose to read or listen to is one allowing you to progress and move forward.  As time moves forward, so should you; no matter how difficult it may be to get there.  At the end of the day, while you do this you should be compiling every detail of your journey so that you yourself have a story to share with others.

Make it a great one, a truthful one, and make it yours to share.