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“Ever since a young child and after all of my life experiences, my passion and ambition in life has always been to work with small and medium to large companies to grow exponentially by finding often unidentified opportunities, customising every single process in order to become truly effective.  I have the privilege of working with universities and business schools to teach students of all levels and ages, multinational private sector companies to governments and government organisations.  I currently own and operate three companies, in addition to being a passionate international speaker, covering motivational psychological, societal and organisational topics that are becoming overlooked in today's world.”



– Rami Georgiou-Botaris

Rami Georgiou-Botaris is the chairman and founder of Georgiou-Botaris Group, a modern-day and international luxury, educational and business-services conglomerate with offices in Belgium and in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. He is also the active CEO of Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture, Georgiou-Botaris Knowledge Academy as well as the owner and founder of Legend Model Cars Boutique.

In addition to being the chairman of Georgiou-Botaris Group, activities focus around philanthropic initiatives, feeding and supporting the under-privileged population so that they may start afresh and begin a new and proper life. On top of running Georgiou-Botaris Group and its companies, Rami also serves as a personal and business advisor to many clients around the world, as well as universities and business schools where he speaks and teaches.

Rami is a highly sought after public speaker given his experiences as well as the method in which he talks about such experiences to create a motivational story and action-plan; encouraging immediate action from his audiences to breakthrough both within a personal and business context.

Rami Georgiou-Botaris’s Story

Rami and his family immigrated to Belgium from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1995. When he tells his story, Rami is often viewed as a “purebred entrepreneur” given that throughout the majority of his life; he had to take care of his family as well as catering to his own life, in addition to finding ways to make sure both priorities were properly executed.

Life has been anything but a smooth journey for Rami, both personally and professionally. He was born ‘different’, causing most people throughout his upbringing to constantly insult and humiliate him; pushing him to the side and excluding him from everything because he was never good enough. Prior to his epiphany and current journey, his professional experiences were those that you would think came out of a movie or television series. He was labeled as mentally unstable and incapable of being an employee simply due to his motivation to do the right thing, the right way.

Thus, at a very young age Rami became an entrepreneur; starting off with one company followed by a second and a third that he grouped under an umbrella forming his present holding company: Georgiou-Botaris Group.

Rami’s big passion in life is to educate, motivate and influence the people who refuse to settle for being average, mediocre and realistic; to being the most ambitious and successful that they may possibly become through his story; what he went through as well as what he had to do to overcome all of the hardship.

Thus, now more than ever, Rami began his own journey of producing original business content in an attempt to become a recognised voice of entrepreneurship both online and offline.


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A self taught business and entrepreneurship expert.  Continuously reading and educating himself in an attempt to provide more value and insight than anyone else.


A successful entrepreneur offering insights, strategies, advice and guidance on personal development, business, marketing, branding, relationships, human capital and more.


A dynamic and highly sought after international speaker, university lecturer, coach and consultant.  His speeches have been known to spark high positive emotion and motivational drive among his audiences.


Philanthropist and believer in giving back to the under-privileged.  Every year initiatives are created to provide food and comfort to those who are struggling each day.

"You have goals so big, so ambitious that people think that you are crazy, but they are the ones who are crazy for not even trying"


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